About us

We started making and donating masks in our spare time to our front line workers. That production developed into efforts to make masks for friends and family to help protect everyone around us as well. We've worked with different styles and features to narrow down options to offer what we've realized are the most realistic masks for every day use. No air gaps. No ear strain. Not only are these masks comfortable, we wanted to offer something with elevated style and design as many of us begin to return to our new normal. We hope that these high quality functioning masks provide you with comfort and protection as you return to work, school, public activities or travel.




If you can reflect back to a memorable experience you enjoyed within your local bar, restaurant, event space or hotel; please remember not only the service, the feeling and the shared moment. Please remember the hospitality worker that helped to create that experience for you. The handwritten "Happy Birthday" note served with dessert. Your local bartender that makes the best Old Fashioned. The team that worked together to ensure your wedding ran smoothly. The server that ensured your dietary restrictions were accommodated.
We miss those moments.
With a deep root in our hospitality industry, this pandemic has left many of our talented Toronto cooks, bartenders, servers, dishwashers, host/esses, and other support superstars without a job and like many of us, with an unknown future. 
For every mask sold, we are donating $4 to a hospitality worker relief fund.
We source our high quality retail fabric from local and boutique fabric shops in the city of Toronto (mostly along Queen St. and Spadina for those who know). We want to do everything we can to support local businesses as they too play a vital role in our economy and communities. 
We thank you and appreciate your support!